• Huddle AI: Intelligence in 4K

    in a USB and HDMI camera for corporate rooms.

  • MyTeam 4K B&H Windows

    So simple. So exclusive.

MyTeam B&H Windows

Art, technology and simplicity: so simple ... and so exclusive.


Small meeting-rooms', and any videoconferencing solution's, best friend. Compatible with Android

MyTeam TP200 Windows

FullHD PTZ equipment, Windows-based, perfect for Skype for Business, or Teams ... or Zoom, Polycom, Cisco, GoFacing or Bluejeans….

Laia Cute

High quality materials and the best technology used in PTZ camera, ideal for any USB or IP solution.

Laia Cute 4K HuddleAI

The first 4K camera with artificial intelligence, for corporate communications.

Laia Cute B&H Lite

The perfect Plug & Play solution for personal use, mobility and small meeting rooms.

Laia Cute 4K

Possibly, the best 4K USB, HDMI & Ethernet camera in the world. High quality materials with the best technology, for any corporate environment

Laia Broadcaster 4K

The most affordable 4K SDI-HDMI camera and with the best image quality

Laia T-Pod Bluetooth

The most complete range of audio devices with P & P connections via USB, BT or WiFi: wireless charging, voice by 2.4Ghz, 3 mics, etc.