Cute 4k

Unique PTZ 4K USB, HDMI & Ethernet camera.

The best quality, for your video communications

MyTeam 4K B&H Windows

Where tech meets Arts:
under Windows 10 system.

So easy... so exclusive... so unique.

Laia TP1

Telepresence quality

in just a all in one Video system for full collaboration.

Cute 12x

Probably the best USB, HDMI & Ethernet camera in the world.

Cute B&H Lite

Mobility & quality in a P&P device: incredible wide cristal clear image.


The best friend, for small rooms: based on Android, the freedom of choice of app is total.



Designed for classrooms and auditoriums: follow the speaker without distractions.

Broadcaster 20X

The best affordable quality, for professional broadcast.

T-pod Trio

Hundreds of uses in just a audio phone.,

Mic/Speaker for PC, VoIP-SIP phone and VC* device.