A videoconference team? A camera with microphone if cables?

Is much more…

Main characteristics

Cámara con Zoom Óptico 3X,

and omnidirectional table microphone (optional Micro WiFi Plug & Play t-Pod).

Ethernet connectivity

or WiFi 2.4 y 5 Ghz

Camera PTZ

with horizontal movement 340º and vertical 120º.

Micrófono de mesa USB Omnidireccional con tecnología DSP

2 hubs USB, HD Voice, botones mute/volumen y leds indicadores. Opcionalmente, Micro WiFi 2.5 G AdHoc.

Sharing documents wirelessly

through AirPlay, Miracast and DLNA, to the monitor from PC / Mac, tablet or smartphone.

Simple and intuitive interface

with handling through "mouse control". Direct access to your favorite audio and video apps.

Perfect integration with touch screens

via HDMI cable (Included)

High quality materials

with 3 years warranty
PrimenSupport, expandable to 5 years: automatic software updates for life.