Es exclusivo. Es para tus reuniones.

MY Team 4k B&H Windows

Exclusive 4K system based on Windows 10, For small and medium meeting rooms ... and any videoconferencing or collaboration solution

It unifies any communication need

Introducing in the meeting room, a terminal based on Windows 10, with multiple extra applications.

Created in Windows 10, 4K sensor camera with wide-angle and crystal clear image quality.

2 High sensitivity digital microphones - up to 5 meters away - and speakers included.

Ethernet and WiFi connection for easy corporate network integration, and 2 HDMI outputs for dual monitor"

The best friend of Skype and Skype for Business

as well as traditional Windows-based video solutions such as Polycom RealPresence, Cisco Jabber or Webex, among others."

Main features

FullHD 108º wide-angle camera

with clear crystal image quality and vertical movement to guarantee the best image.

2 ""beam"" digital microphones for perfect reception

with echo cancellation and noise,

Professional speaker

so that all the participants can hear and be heard clearly.

Ethernet connectivity

10/100/1000 and WiFi ac.

High quality materials,

with 3 years Prime Support guarantee, expandable to 5 years.

All in one

elegant, discreet and of maximum quality, based on Windows 10: Intel i5, 8Gb RAM and 64Gb HHD. Power and compatible with any software solution, based on Windows.

Sharing of documents

wirelessly * (offered by certain solutions: Pexip, Gofacing, Videxio ...)

User friendly

being the same interface that any user has on his PC.

Perfect integration with touch screens

adding all the potential of Windows 10 on a touch screen."

Why myTeam?

Because the quality with which others see you is extremelly important. The camera is the main factor - although not the the only one- to guarantee a high quality image. Laia myTeam 4K B & H offers the quality of a 4K camera in a Windows 10 Plug & Play device."

Unique benefits:

Multi-technology system open to any application, microphones and professional speakers, useful as audio-conference system, quality of materials ... are just some of the advantages of a single device: Laia MyTeam 4K B & H"

Exclusive after-sales service

Through the IT and AV professional channel Which guarantees a high quality after-sales service and 3 years guarantee Prime Support - includes advanced replacement in case of hardware failure-

Due to the high quality of the materials, the suer friendly installation and use, fromthe moment of installation to daily use, any user without special knowledge can use Laia MyTeam 4K B & H Windows.

And the tranquility of enjoying 3 years warranty, expandable to 5 years.

Laia MyTeam for Windows
  • Windows 10 Operating System, with Intel Core i5 processor.
  • 4K camera with 108º wide lens and Crystal Clear quality.
  • 2 omni-directional digital microphones. Optional wireless tabletop microphone.
  • 2 HDMI outputs for dual monitor.
  • Access to Windows Store,
  • Compatible with Bria type SIP VoIP solutions, eliminating the need to use an audio-conference terminal.
  • Ethernet connection RJ45, WiFi ac and Bluetooth.
  • On-screen sharing of content from PC and Mac via specific app.
  • Automatic white balance
  • 4K and 1080 video encoding.
  • Compatible with Skype, Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams, Polycom Real Presence, Cisco Webex, Pexip, GotoMeeting, Zoom, GoFacing, Videxio, etc ..."