MyTeam TP200 Windows

Possibly, the most innovative terminal of the last 5 years.


Meet and collaborate in a simple way:

choose the tool to connect ... wiresless and with absolute freedom. MyWin Team, does the rest.


FullHD PTZ camera with integrated Crystal Clear image quality.
HDMI output to monitor, and 6 USB ports for internal devices.


Digital high-sensitivity wireless microphones and wireless console – up to 6 meters away,wireless, on the table – and endless integration options, for each type of meeting room.


It allows the connection with multiple technologies: traditional videoconferencing, web browsers, Skype for Business, GoFacing, Zoom or Google HangOut among others.

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The best friend of Skype for Business and web users,

The most powerful terminal, for meeting rooms of any size with Skype for Business or Microsoft Teams.

Main characteristics

FullHD PTZ camera and 12x optical zoom with Crystal Clear image quality and silent movement with AV production camera quality.

Multi-Technology can be used with any application compatible with Windows10

High sensitivity wireless digital microphone Ad-Hoc connected to the PC via USB Plug & Play, to ensure better connectivity -not bluetooth-

Echo and advanced noise cancellation and other tools of intelligence in communications: audio-lip synchronization, AGC-gain control-, etc ...

Ethernet connectivity or WiFi

3 years Advanced warranty with 24 hrs replacement, expandable up to 5 years optionally.

All in one in an elegant device, with elements of AV production cameras of the highest quality: Sony CMOS sensor 1 / 2.7 "of 2 Mpx, processor i5, 4GB Ram and 64 Gb that guarantee FullHD for communications.

Sharing of documents through the chosen application.

Simple and intuitive interface via keyboard and with IR camera operation.

Connection to monitor through HDMI cable, 6 USB, audio inputs and Ethernet Gb port.

Compatible with Skype for Business, web users and third applications such as Bluejeans, GoFacing, Zoom, Polycom Real Presence, etc ...

Possibly, the most innovative terminal of the last 5 years.


Why MyWinTeam?

Because it is the first device with PTZ camera and Windows 10 included: the others, will follow us … Because it is possibly the best video solution to meet, regardless of the chosen solution … … with the best quality and technical support in the market


with the main video solutions in the market: traditional manufacturers, web browsers, Microsoft Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams, Hangout, etc …

Exclusive after-sales service

Through the IT and AV professional channel Which guarantees an exclusive after-sales service and Prime Support 3 years guarantee, which includes advanced replacement in case of breakdown. (Optional up to 5 years)
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Due to the high quality of the materials, its use- friendly installation and use with Windows10

it allows anyone without special knowledge to use MyWinTeam as a videoconferencing tool on a day-to-day basis.

With the peace of mind of having 3 years warranty, expandable to 5 years, and updates of the operating system for life.

MyTeam TP200 Windows

  • Windows 10 Plug & Play with PTZ camera and 12X Optical Zoom
  • Compatible with any video application on Windows: Skype for Business, Cisco Webex, LifeSize, Pexip, GoFacing, Zoom, Veedeeo, etc.
  • 72º lens, CMOS sensor, 3.5Mb and Cristal Clear quality.
  • Microphone / omni-directional wireless speaker and wireless charging t-PodWiFi. (Optional up to 4 microphones)
  • RJ45 Ethernet connection, 6 USB and HDMI, audio input and output.
  • Automatic white balance, and other professional image options: light compensation, white balance, exposure, etc.
  • Camera management by IR control, by IP, RS232 or Sony Visca +