with pioneering technology

The Plug & Play solution without unnecessary wires. A single USB cable to the camera ... nothing more!

Full HD camera and t-Pod

to turn any meeting room into an elegant space, technologically pioneering, user friendly ... with any videoconferencing solution on PC/Mac.

PTZ Camera with 10X Optical Zoom, 2D/3D noise reduction, advanced auto-focus and Full HD Clear Crystal  quality. 
Camera powered by a single USB cable connected to the PC/Mac.

T-Pod audio system: wireless, with 3 high sensitivity omni-directional microphones and professional stereo audio up to 5 meters.

Compatible with the main videoconferencing software solutions on PC and Mac: Microsoft, Google, Cisco Webex, Pexip, Zoom or goFacing among others.

A single USB cable to connect the camera ...

Laia Wire Free Kit: removes wires for any software videoconferencing tool: FullHD image quality and HD audio, eliminating unnecessary cables and allowing its use for any type of meeting room.

Main features:

FullHD camera With Crystal Clear image quality, 10x optical zoom and PTZ movement to ensure the best shot.

T-Pod WiFi desktop audio system, for professional audio in small and medium-sized meeting rooms

User friendly use/installation in any type of meeting room

USB camera for video transmission and power. Includes external power supply.

High quality materials, With 3 years Prime Support warranty, expandable to 5 years.

An "all included" solution with freedom of movement: elegant white material, discreet and of the highest quality.

Ease of use: USB camera and volume control and micro buttons on the t-Pod.

Perfect integration with any video solution on PC or Mac.

Skype and Skype for Business best friend

as well as traditional video solutions such as Microsoft Skype, Teams, Cisco Webex, etc ...


Why Laia?

Because of the importance of the quality with which others see you. The camera is the main factor - although not the only one- to ensure a quality image. Cute WireFree Kit offers the best FullHD quality, without cables or cumbersome connectivity devices.



Multi-technology system open to any application, microphone and professional speakers, useful as an audio-conference system... are just some of the advantages of a unique kit: Laia Cute WireFree Kit


The best service

Through the professional IT and AV channel which guarantees customer service quality and Prime Support 3 years warranty - includes advanced replacement in case of hardware failure-.

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